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How a 1937 Packard Ended up on top of the Kanter Building

“Oh, The Building with The Car on the Roof”

Ask anyone where Packard Industries is and they might not be able to immediately recall. Ask them if they have ever seen the building with the car ion the roof and they’ll know!!

The story of the car on the roof is an interesting one or better said: “There are interesting ones.”
It all started back in 1977 when a contractor was hired to remove an outdated smoke tower from the area around the shop.

Several stories have been circulating as to what happened next.
Kanter Auto Parts

One story states that the process of removing the chimney when faster than expected and the crane was rented by the hour. The crew didn’t know what to do next and for laughs, lifted the 1937 yellow Packard 115c to the roof as a temporary fixture. The joke turned into a work of art and has been there ever since.

Another story states that the car was intending on making the roof its permanent home as part of an advertising stunt and received a brand new paint job in preparation for its debut. The arts and interior of the car were sold leaving only the exterior shell intact. It was then carefully hoisted on top of our building where it would greed passersby and help customers find the building easier.

You may be wondering why a 1937 Packard was chosen and to relieve your suspense read on. The 1937 Packard 115e is similar to the one Dan and Fred first purchased as young men. It was this purchase that turned their hobby and love of cars into the world’s largest supplier of antique and classic parts.


Now getting back to the rumored stories of the yellow Packard on top of the building.

If you are not quite content with the stories you read above you can ask around; you may hear a more convincing story. Maybe you’ll hear about the alien who visited us in his 1937 yellow Packard way back when…or about the disoriented motorist who deposited his Packard on our roof when making a wrong turn!!

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