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Brand New Production Mopar Center Links

The center link is the cornerstone of your classic full-size Mopar’s steering system.  Over the years and miles of use, the center link’s ball sockets will wear from the back and forth motion. With wear comes a looseness or wandering feeling while driving and the tendency of these big  C bodies are to amplify this feeling. Kanter Auto Product now offers a solution that has not been seen for close to 30 years. NEW Production center links for the Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth and Desoto full-size cars of the late 1950’s and early 60’s. Kanter’s new center links are made to fit and perform like original but are made using modern day materials and technology. The days of sending your original center link out to be rebuilt are over. No more down time, exchange only or core charges. Bolt in a New Production center link from Kanter and be back on the road with confidence ensuring many miles of problem free driving.  WWW.KANTER.COM or call at 1-800-526-1096TRE 598