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There have been countless studies done to prove it, but virtually everyone knows that spending quality time with a kid is the greatest gift you can give them. And sharing your appreciation for collector cars is a great way to nurture their interest in a hobby that you can enjoy together for many years to come.

Hopefully one day you will find yourself with an eager companion in your garage, soaking up your knowledge and years of experience in this exciting hobby. You may even find your own enthusiasm invigorated, as you watch the development of young, wide-eyed interest in the hobby you have enjoyed for years. Talk about an opportunity to bond with a kid, this may be your best chance! And every time a youngster helps to apply a coat of wax, change a set of brake shoes, install a new tail lamp lens, or perform a simple tune-up, they will begin to experience a growing sense of pride and accomplishment.

Teaching a youngster to appreciate something as special as a collector car is a terrific way to communicate strong values of respect for all things, to help them understand the value of our history and our culture. And they will quickly learn positive ways to express themselves, perhaps even with a special car or truck that matches their own personal style.

SEMA’s consumer website educates and promotes SEMA-member products to both enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts. With a searchable database of automotive specialty products, consumers are able to effectively identify and locate products – and member companies – to meet their individual needs.

Racers Against Street Racing (RASR) is a coalition of auto manufacturers, aftermarket parts companies, professional drag racers, sanctioning bodies, race tracks and automotive magazines devoted to promoting safe and legal alternatives to illegal street racing on a national level. The message is simple: If You Want To Race, Go To The Racetrack!

Motorsports Awareness

In addition to manufacturing many of the parts used in sanctioned racing events, MPMC is dedicated to the Motorsports industry as a whole. After all, MPMC members are avid racing enthusiasts themselves! The Motorsports Awareness Task Force of MPMC has recently launched “Take a Friend to a Race”, a grassroots program aimed at increasing attendance at Motorsports events by introducing new fans to the sport.


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